The 6-5 band live

As the weekend of the 27th is our official opening weekend we have Dave martins band the 6-5 playing for us in the evening.

The band is a 5 piece with a drummer, guitarist, bassist, keyboard and sax and will have guest singers Francesca Quar and Rachel Lang
The 6-5 are also known as the Cricks house band and they host our fortnightly jam night, as with social distancing guidelines we are holding off having a jam night for a while, in place Dave is playing a show for us, they play a variety of well known songs covering genres in, Brit pop, Motown, Rock and more along side the occasional jam from the musicians.
We look forward to seeing you!

Please note due to social distancing guidelines  the area the band is set up will be sectioned off as we ask people who are not with the band to not stand or dance near the musicians, safety is always on our minds so we want everyone to have fun but also respect the band and staff on the night, thank you.