Skillz Set: 3rd Nov

We are a Hip Hop supergroup based in Southampton made up of musicians from a diverse background of cultures and walks of lives. Our aim is to bring original music which breeds positive head nod music in a form that is simplistic yet full of soul and groove. We hope it will get you smoovin’ and groovin’ to our refreshed and refunked sound. As well as hip hop, we have an eclectic mix of musical influences from Dancehall, Afrobeat, DNB, Jungle, Deep House, Rock, Indie, Jazz, Soul, Neo-Soul, Funk, Folk, Lankan Baila, Desi music plus many more. Our members are made up of three vocalists SHE-RAH and formerly of the incredible Root2Routes MC’s RESCO & SPITFIRE, then Sax with DR BOB, followed by guitarist SWIFTY from The Hedgehogs and Edinho & The Timebeing and on Keys DEAN KING hailing from Ontario, Canada formerly of the band Oakland Avenue & The Cool Table. Then finally the guys holding it all together, our rhythm section, bassist LO-GRAVITY formerly of Basement 83 and drummer PLAQUE PANTHER formerly of The Fake Shakes, and one of the current founding members of Edinho & The Timebeing.